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Quality Control

An introduction to parts that are.......“Pukka”


Your Military vehicle is not only a source of pride and joy but is also an appreciating asset that deserves most importantly quality parts to keep it on the road.

Here at ‘Pukka’ we have owned military vehicles for over 35 years and during that time we have seen New Old Stock parts that were once readily available almost disappear to be replaced by reproduction parts that vary considerably in both quality and accuracy.....some good and some definitely not so good.


So here at ‘Pukka’ we only distribute the famous range of ‘MV Spares”  military vehicle parts.

The MV Spares range of parts have been developed using over 50 years of experience in Engineering, machine tooling and Military vehicle restoration.

Each part that we offer from MV Spares has been faithfully and accurately reproduced using the raw materials and designs that were employed in World War cutting corners....just quality parts that work.

For example the MV Spares wiring looms, marker lights, tail lights, horns and tools are just some of the range that are renowned as market leading high quality parts.


So there we have it......high quality parts offered at realistic prices. Parts that are “Pukka’

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