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                                                                                                     The D-Day Travel Pack                                                                                                          The D-Day Travel Pack is a pack that we have constructed consisting of the spare parts that you will need on your trip to Normandy to ensure a hassle free trip if you encounter any problems. We have picked parts that we believe are most vital for you to carry in your Jeep enabling you enjoy your trip with trusted replacement parts. 

We have for offer three variations of Travel Pack's which vary in the amount of parts within each pack aiming to suite your needs.  

Accurate Speedometers: GPW and MB 

Now in stock we have M.V. Spares accurate and trust worthy speedometer which are perfect for your Jeep. 


In stock we have both early and late speedos which are suitable for both MB and GPW's.  

New Addition

Original New Old Stock: US Army No. 1021 Polaroid Goggle.


Manufactured by Polaroid Corporation and subsequently the American Optical Company, these googles were introduced to the US forces in 1943 and have been a staple ever since.

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A-6019 WARNER TYPE COMPLETE TRAILER SOCKET ASSEMBLY has been reduced for short period...




If you purchase a Jeep or Dodge Wiring Loom or spend over £300 in one order then you will receive a Pukka Military Parts multi-use drinking bottle. This bottle comes in Heritage green and can be used for hot or cold drinks and will be a useful addition to any military vehicle



the holy grail of early Jeep parts. We are delighted to offer you this reproduction early AC pancake type air cleaner. If you are lucky enough to own an original then well done. If not then the M.V. Spares reproduction air cleaner is a long awaited high quality part that will fit the bill…… £395.00 plus P&P while stocks last. ”

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